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Detail: [#884] auto-announce to OCaml Planet sends bad message

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[#884] auto-announce to OCaml Planet sends bad message

2011-01-19 12:46
Submitted by:
Ronan Le Hy (rlehy)
Assigned to:
Sylvain Le Gall (gildor-admin)
Forwarded Upstream:
auto-announce to OCaml Planet sends bad message

Detailed description
As I was trying to make my wiki usable, I switched my project (caml-foreign) from Private to Public. This triggered an automated announce on OCaml Planet.

I think this is very bad because people will arrive on a project with many many things, all empty (no code, wiki with no content, many links and buttons with nothing in it). This sends the message that :
- this project is a dead project
- OCaml Forge is a repository of dead empty projects, with misleading links and buttons promising a homepage and code and documentation and statistics, that actually have nothing behind.

Each time I personnally click on such an announce for a yet-empty project, it makes me want to use github instead, were you know that project = code + README :(.

I wish:
- that the announce could be triggered only manually, or at the very least
- that new projects were created with all tools disabled (such that the administrator enables things he knows lead to actual information), and that it were documented prominently during project registration that making a project public sends an automated announce.


Date: 2011-02-03 21:52
Sender: Ronan Le Hy

Yes, I do think the change you suggest fo the RSS feed would be nice, and would have prevented my confusion.
Date: 2011-01-20 13:50
Sender: Sylvain Le Gall

Thanks for the apologies, though I agree on the fact that the announce is not perfect.

I let this bug open so maybe you can provide me with better (mostly concerning presentation) suggestion.

Changing the name of the RSS feeds on the planet is a 5 minutes change. If you think it will solve part of this bug, it can be a good solution.

For example:
OCamlCore Forge Projects ->Projects starting on the OCaml Forge
Date: 2011-01-20 12:48
Sender: Ronan Le Hy

1. My apologies for too strong words ("dead", "github").
2. Don't bother with removing the announce for my project, thanks. I was more concerned with the general pattern.
3. My frustration is with tabs with nothing behind. You think there is something, you click, there is nothing but disappointment. It often happens to me when I click on an article from OCaml Planet in my RSS reader.

I tried boiling that down to practical suggestions and examples ("reduce default configuration to minimum", "present to non-project-members only items with actual information", "clearly label new project announces as 'new project created on the OCamlCore Forge' instead of just 'OCamlCore Forge Projects'"), but that got too long and complicated. I'm sorry, this does not make for a good bug report :(, feel free to close it. I'll try to come up with more targeted suggestions.
Date: 2011-01-19 14:22
Sender: Sylvain Le Gall

Well I can remove the announce if you want, so that no further damage will be done (the web keep track of data -- but OCaml part of it is not as public as the rest). Just tell me.

I don't share your opinion on the "very bad" part of the announce -- though I agree it can be embarrassing. People can acknowledge that a project is starting. I even see people proposing their help after this kind of announce. People that consider that a project started less than a month ago to be a dead project, should not be taken into account. With today DVCS, no update in a month doesn't even mean that nobody is working on the project....

And of course: github is also full of dead branches ;-)

We can think of a button to announce more officially the project creation. If you have time to code this kind of feature, patches will be more than welcome.

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