artifact_id;status_id;status_name;priority;submitter_id;submitter_name;assigned_to_id;assigned_to_name;open_date;close_date;last_modified_date;summary;details 3;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2008-02-02 16:41";"";"2008-02-02 16:41";"OpenID support ";"Whenever it is possible, we should try to use OpenID authentification. Thiscan help to help user to have less password and use it as a kind of SSO..." 9;1;"Open";3;116;"ygrek ";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2008-03-12 22:17";"";"2009-04-09 11:12";"svn https?";"I personally like it more from the client side point of view... Do you plan to deploy it? The benefits I think of : no need for external programs (mostly important on windows), usage of svn auth cache (no need to enter password every now and then)" 407;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2009-11-17 09:34";"";"2009-11-17 09:34";"Be smarter when blacklisting/whitelisting for";"We ban too much quickly bad ssh connection. We should whitelist faster than banning to avoid banning large NATed network." 499;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2009-12-10 09:23";"";"2009-12-10 09:23";"Better source code display";"In {darcs|hg|git|svn|cvs} we should use enscript to display code source. We should add ocaml support for enscript: Sylvain Le Gall" 500;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2009-12-10 09:23";"";"2009-12-10 09:23";"Add svn|";"Using viewvc, we should add this two host. Regards Sylvain Le Gall" 541;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-03-26 13:15";"";"2010-03-26 13:15";"Spam and mailing list";"It should be possible to filter quite efficiently spam/real mail. Here is a simple scheme to do it: - fetch all email of people subscribed to the forge - add all these emails to whitelist of all mailing lists - if a mail arrives and is not a whitelist, redirect the sender to a webpage where you can either login to the forge or respond to a captcha - if the sender login, propose to add the email used to the list of its emails list (to be added) - if the send answer the captcha propose him to add his email to the general list of emails (to be added also) - if the mail looks like spam (i.e. run through spamoracle) add it to a queue of spam, to be processed by hand - if the mail is normal and the sender had not answer for 2 days, warn the list admin. " 542;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-03-26 14:17";"";"2010-03-26 14:17";"Automatically add project to LinkedIn account";"It should be great to have the forge automatically add people projects to their LinkedIn account." 592;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:54";"";"2010-05-05 07:54";"Better explanation of ""inactive project""";"Florent Monnier told me that the notion of inactive project is quite frightening and can lead people to prefer self-hosting to avoid the removal of their project. We discuss this issue and come to an agreement about a work flow that will be clearer concerning project removal. Based on discussion with Florent Monnier (in french): Je propose de faire simple, beaucoup de facteurs sont arbitraires de toutes façons: - on peut envoyer un ping-mail soit automatiquement, soit si on suspecte que le projet est orphelin - pas de réponse au mail pendant 4 mois, en utilisant l'adresse mail donnée sur -> le projet est orphelin Une fois que le projet est orphelin: - si l'auteur à n'importe quel moment se signale après le délai de 4 mois -> le projet n'est plus orphelin - si une tierce personne souhaite reprendre le projet -> le projet n'est plus orphelin - le projet chapeau ""newhope"" reprend le projet en question et le stocke sous une forme légère pendant le temps que le projet ""newhope"" considère que cela est raisonnable. Le projet ""newhope"" est libre de déterminer quand un projet doit être purement et simplement supprimé après un délai de 2 ans de stockage. Donner tous les droits de décision au projet ""newhope"" permet d'avoir une décision plus collégiale. La détermination reste du ressort de ce projet et offre une interface unique aux admins pour savoir ce qu'il est intéressant d'enlever ou pas. offre toute l'infrastructure nécessaire (log apache etc) pour faire les mesures qui vont bien. De plus ça décharge les admins du site. Create a webpage on for this specific information and a link from the philosophy" 593;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:55";"";"2010-05-05 07:55";"Create a vserver for ocsigen";"Set up an that should host user's ocsigen applications. The vserver should handle all ocsigen component (maybe not the version of stable, but the one from unstable). The user base and filesystem should be the same as ( to be precise)" 594;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:55";"";"2010-05-05 07:55";"coordinate backup and sync";"Today backup and sync are just separated by 1 hour. We should do it in sequence." 595;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:56";"";"2010-05-05 07:56";"webpage admin and publish repository";"Create a website for admin project." 596;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:56";"";"2010-05-05 07:56";"new version publication";"There is an RSS feed for version publication. We should subscribe planet.o.o to it." 597;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:56";"";"2010-05-05 07:56";"automatic blog post";"It would be nice to have an application that do a little summary of weekly date of: * INRIA bugs * new version publication * new users (LinkedIn/Forge) * new Debian/Fedora/GODI packages (through to OCaml?) * monitor projects on other forge:, sf, gna, github" 598;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:57";"";"2010-05-05 07:57";"stats about OCaml";"In order to show how much is used OCaml around, we should make some stats and put on the web pages: * packages Debian/Fedora/GODI (popularity and number) * users (LinkedIn/forge) * unique visits on *.o.o * localization of visits (GeoIP?)" 599;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:57";"";"2010-05-05 07:57";"create darcs/git/bzr without project";"Today, and FusionForge are project centric. The emerging ""social"" trend tends to make project more personal. This is achieved by a shift of collaborative dev. platform to a more repository/user centric POV. Typically, a user create a repository not a project. This approach is more simple and imitate the dev work flow of an individual developer using a DVCS: you create a repository in your home directory and once it is ready you push your changes somewhere. But most of your projects never get published. github can be integrated into the ""personal dev workflow"" with little effort. It just a place to push your changes and make them public. This seems to be a more gradual path to a fully fledged project. With actual FusionForge, you start with everything at the beginning and remove what's not needed. This is something quite hard to handle when you don't already know what you need. People doing very small libraries or beginners are frightened by this kind of forge." 600;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:58";"";"2010-05-05 07:58";"statistic for visit";"We should set up an awstats to know what people visit. " 601;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 07:58";"";"2010-05-05 07:58";"FusionForge Ohloh plugin";"Ohloh is a nice project that provides nice statistic and help to enhance projects'/users' contribution visibility. Using it for can improve the visibility of OCaml because: more projects using OCaml will be registered, more users will have an OCaml skill displayed. User registration: * the user attach its Ohloh to its FusionForge account * we check daily that a user contribute to all projects he is a contributor in FusionForge Project registration: * for non-supported VCS: convert them to subversion (e.g. darcs) * enlist the project into Ohloh * define a mapping between user/contributor/Ohloh account Project statistic: * fetch daily stats from Ohloh * replace stats in FusionForge source code web page * add a link to Ohloh project in this same web page * add a link to ""I use this project"" User statistic: * fecth daily stats from Ohloh * add stats in FusioForge user's web page * add a link to ""kudos"" It will require to use" 602;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:10";"";"2010-05-05 08:10";"FusionForge blog plugin";"The actual way of adding blogs is quite cumbersome. You need to fill a bug report, make an admin add it to mkplanet et al. This would be far more efficient to allow user to attach blogs to their accounts and automatically add them to the planet. We also need the ability to create ""Institutional"" blog (, the hump...). For user from their account settings: * add a blog * add it to a planet: main feed (OSS), commercial, around (general blog of people doing OCaml). * display reasons why a blog is disabled for a planet * remove a blog For admin: * enable/disable subscription of blog * add personal/institutional blog and add them to a planet" 603;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:10";"";"2010-05-05 08:10";"FusionForge twitter plugin";"Allow to define a twitter account for user. For user from their account settings: * set a twitter account * choose what to display: project start, bug closed, bug opened For admin: * display whole forge activity * don't display activity generated by a user that already display it through its own twitter account, retweet it It will require to use" 604;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:11";"";"2010-05-05 08:11";"FusionForge github plugin";"Synchronize github with a FusionForge project: * same download * allow to have a configurable tab for the BTS (from github or from FusionForge) * account bug closing et al for activities * use github wiki * in the source tab, redirect to github This plugin should also work without project, just for user (see FEATURE: create darcs/git/bzr without project)." 605;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:11";"";"2010-05-05 08:11";"FusionForge LinkedIn plugin";"Publish project started on the forge through LinkedIn." 608;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:12";"";"2010-05-05 08:12";"allow to automatically create webpage";"The default web page for projects is not really nice. We should provide a template system that can be chosen from administration panel of the forge project. * automatic generation of documentation section from FusionForge section * news feed * latest version download" 609;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:13";"";"2010-05-05 08:13";"disable homepage, when there are no homepage";"Or make it link to itself. " 611;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:15";"";"2010-05-05 08:15";"documentation for projects";"Create documentation like camlcity Allow to attach blog posts/other pieces of information to a project and side notes. For example, if someone create a blog post about ocaml-fileutils, it would be nice to submit a link with a comment to the project ocaml-fileutils to keep a record on it." 613;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:16";"";"2010-05-05 08:16";"monthly OCaml programming contest";"Organize a weekly/monthly OCaml programming contest around small subjects. A little bit like ICFP contest but smaller and OCaml oriented. There should be 2 categories: expert and beginner. We should give points for: * lightning (first answer), * thunder (second answer), * most concise, * fastest code. It should take ~24h to solve. We could give problems around 2 topics: classic subject in FP, subject around the use of an existing OCaml library/program (ocamlgraph, lwt, bitstring...). A sponsor can pay for small prizes once a year (books -- maybe dedicated). " 614;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:17";"";"2010-05-05 08:17";"improved BTS";"The BTS of FusionForge is really not the best. Creating something more user-friendly... Add your remarks/suggestion here." 615;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:17";"";"2010-05-05 08:17";"documentation for the forge";"Add documentation for the forge about how to use the forge itself." 616;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";100;"Nobody";"2010-05-05 08:18";"";"2010-05-05 08:18";"provides a git/bzr/darcs repository of OCaml";"Make the main point to synchronize with OCaml VCS. We should provide a git/svk/darcs/bzr/mercurial repository, which will be a copy of INRIA's one. Maybe use tailor for this." 864;1;"Open";3;824;"Török Edwin";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2011-01-07 16:38";"";"2011-01-09 23:36";"add link to ssh key edit page to my accounts or project admin page";"I didn't find any links to the page that allows me to upload my SSH key on my account page or the project admin page. I found the link after some searching from a forum post: This is the URL I used to upload my ssh key:" 868;1;"Open";3;824;"Török Edwin";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2011-01-08 10:05";"";"2011-01-09 23:36";"ocamlcore theme: large unused area on the sides";"On a monitor with high resolution (1680x1050) in my case there is a large unused area on the sides (the site only takes up half the space horizontally). The following patch keeps the site at same proportions on 1024x768 (which it seems it was designed for), but allows it to stretch out on larger resolutions. And you can still see the border color. --- orig/common.css 2011-01-08 12:01:46.194073040 +0200 +++ b/common.css 2011-01-08 12:02:57.288238601 +0200 @@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ } body { - width: 960px; + width: 93.75%; margin: 20px auto; } " 880;1;"Open";3;116;"ygrek ";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2011-01-16 20:58";"";"2011-01-19 14:14";"do not logout on IP change";"I am often using forge through tor and have to login frequently as the server logs me out. This is usually the sign that server ties user session to IP. Is it true and is it possible to provide an option to disable such behavior?" 921;1;"Open";3;102;"Sylvain Le Gall";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2011-02-27 15:08";"";"2011-02-27 16:30";"Backup mysql";"The mysql DB on tera.o.o should be backed up as well." 929;1;"Open";3;829;"Niki Yoshiuchi";100;"Nobody";"2011-03-22 15:11";"";"2011-03-22 15:11";"Better site documentation";"Perhaps I missed it, but it seems that there is a lack of documentation on how to use OCaml Forge. After I registered a project, it took me awhile to figure out how to log in to the shell (it appears that ssh keys are required) and even longer to figure out how to push to my repository. I could only find two references to the repository - on the project registration page (A CVS Repository root of /cvsroot/unixname at and on the projects SCM page (Anonymous https git access) - neither containing the I need. I eventually figured it out by digging around the shell. Maybe I overlooked something obvious but I think it would be nice if the information was on the project information page. Thanks, Niki Yoshiuchi" 943;1;"Open";3;146;"Gabriel Scherer";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2011-04-02 09:34";"";"2011-04-04 07:02";"desemphasize the Admin/Developper difference";"As I have argued on the batteries list [list-post], I think the differenciation between ""Project Admins"" and ""Members"", which is highly visible on the forge [summary] and [member list] pages, is not a desirable feature. Credits and hierarchies (when they exist) should rather be less rigidly displayed in the project README, a CONTRIBUTORS file or something like that. I have changed the ""roles"" of the batteries project to only have ""developper"" (which everyone is) and ""site admin"" (for the administrativia stuff). But the summary page still makes a distinction between ""Admins"" and the rest. It would be nice it could just forget it, and display the list of members with no specific differentiation. (Btw, I don't know how to remove a ""role"" that is no longer used; is it possible ?) [list-post] [summary] [member list] This is, of course, a very low-priority request. This is not a really important topic." 995;1;"Open";3;924;"Mihamina Rakotomandimby";102;"Sylvain Le Gall";"2011-06-16 09:03";"";"2011-06-18 15:18";"Add documentation about adding a repo (GIT)";"My SSH keys have been added. Then on my local machine, I bare cloned the GIT repo: $ git clone --bare ocaml-crypt-1.1 /tmp/ocaml-crypt Then transferred it to my FTP space: lftp> ls drwxr-xr-x 2 rakotomandimby rakotomandimby 4096 Jun 16 07:34 incoming drwxr-xr-x 3 rakotomandimby rakotomandimby 4096 Jun 16 07:31 ocaml-crypt I tried several combinations of locations * /ocaml-crypt/ocaml-crypt.git * /incoming/ocaml-crypt/ocaml-crypt.git But: git clone git+ssh:// fatal: '//ocaml-crypt/ocaml-crypt.git': unable to chdir or not a git archive " 1026;1;"Open";3;918;"William R";100;"Nobody";"2011-08-05 01:00";"";"2011-08-05 08:38";"improve projects order in lists";"Pour un développeur, ce site peut présenter quelque chose d'exceptionnel : permettre d'identifier facilement quels sont les projets sérieux potentiels qui peuvent nous intéresser. Pour le moment, deux sources d'informations sont disponibles : l'activité et le nombre de téléchargements. L'activité peut être intéressante, soit. Le nombre de téléchargements ne me parait cependant pas terrible dans le cas de figure d'une plateforme de développeur : par exemple, j'ai déjà téléchargé ocaml batteries plusieurs fois mais ne l'ai jamais utilisé. Par contre, je n'ai jamais téléchargé lablgtk2 sur ce site (je le fais via godi), mais lui je m'en sers beaucoup et je le supporte à fond. Ce que je propose : 1) permettre aux membres de déclarer les projets qu'ils suivent et utilisent. Par exemple, via la page de résumé du projet, proposer un lien ""je suis utilisateur de ce projet"" qui par exemple (idées comme ça): - page ""résumé"", sous le cadre ""Membres du projet"" , modifierait une information qui indiquerait le nombre d'utilisateurs (très intéressant pour les développeurs du projet!) - page ""ma page"", sous le cadre ""Mes projets"", ajouterait un cadre supplémentaire qui listerait les projets en question - faciliterait l'intégration des flux rss pour ces projets. Enfin, cette information pourrait être exploitable pour indiquer quels sont les projets les plus utilisés. 2) permettre aux membres de noter les projets 3) dans la page ""projet"", ajouter la catégorie ""popularité"" ou ""utilisateurs"" Merci en tout cas pour ce site, c'est super. Wiliam" 1216;1;"Open";3;824;"Török Edwin";100;"Nobody";"2012-09-14 17:34";"";"2012-09-14 17:38";"Sourceforge Allura is open source ";"Just noticed this: Maybe its possible to integrate some of its features into ocamlforge? (although it is apparently in Python while ocamlforge is in PHP)." 1233;1;"Open";3;4175;"Francois Berenger";100;"Nobody";"2012-11-08 04:03";"";"2012-11-19 01:03";"user-provided BUILDFLAGS in the Makefile should go into the _oasis file";"Hello, I think the BUILDFLAGS users have to put before '# OASIS_START' in the Makefile should be specified in the _oasis file. It feels kind of strange that the build description is spread in several files. Also, it's kind of annoying that this Makefile has to be put under version control just because of these BUILDFLAGS. Regards, F. "