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Detail: [#796] No email notification after SVN commits

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[#796] No email notification after SVN commits

2010-11-02 18:46
Submitted by:
Philippe Veber (pveber)
Assigned to:
Sylvain Le Gall (gildor-admin)
Forwarded Upstream:
No email notification after SVN commits

Detailed description
Subversion commits are not followed by email notifications, though the corresponding mailing list is created by default (but remains empty). I do not know whether this is also the case for CVS projects.


Date: 2011-04-12 12:43
Sender: guillaume allais

Ok. Thanks for the explanation!
Date: 2011-04-12 12:41
Sender: Sylvain Le Gall

adds = SVN commit that add a file.
commits = SVN commit that change a file.

I think fusionforge upstream has decided to somehow "unify" the language between various VCS, which makes it less SVN specific.
Date: 2011-04-12 12:35
Sender: guillaume allais

Hi Sylvain,

I committed yesterday and the statistics where updated this night: instead of having only 3 adds (branches, tag, trunk), there are now 31 ones. But there is still 0 commit.

That is what I wanted to highlight in my previous comment (sorry if it was unclear).
Date: 2011-04-12 12:29
Sender: Sylvain Le Gall

The statistic that appears on the public page are computed each night, so you'll have to wait before they appear.

Concerning the email notification, this is indeed a bug. I'll have a look when I have time (probably not soon).
Date: 2011-04-12 12:00
Sender: guillaume allais

And the svn commits are not listed in « Public areas » menu.

cf. (SVN: 0 commits, 31 adds) on https://forge.ocamlcore.org/projects/shakespeare/

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