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Detail: [#599] create darcs/git/bzr without project

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[#599] create darcs/git/bzr without project

2010-05-05 07:57
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Sylvain Le Gall (gildor-admin)
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Nobody (None)
create darcs/git/bzr without project

Detailed description
Today, forge.ocamlcore.org and FusionForge are project centric. The emerging "social" trend tends to make project more personal. This is achieved by a shift of collaborative dev. platform to a more repository/user centric POV. Typically, a user create a repository not a project.

This approach is more simple and imitate the dev work flow of an individual developer using a DVCS: you create a repository in your home directory and once it is ready you push your changes somewhere. But most of your projects never get published.

github can be integrated into the "personal dev workflow" with little effort. It just a place to push your changes and make them public. This seems to be a more gradual path to a fully fledged project.

With actual FusionForge, you start with everything at the beginning and remove what's not needed. This is something quite hard to handle when you don't already know what you need. People doing very small libraries or beginners are frightened by this kind of forge.


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