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This project uses type-conv to dump OCaml data structure using OCaml data notation. This kind of data dumping helps to write OCaml code generator, like OASIS.

SCM https://github.com/gildor478/ocaml-data-notation

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ocaml-data-notation 0.0.11 November 22, 2013 ocaml-data-notation - Release Notes ocaml-data-notation - Monitor this package ocaml-data-notation 0.0.11 - Download
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ocaml-data-notation: release 0.0.3

Sylvain Le Gall - 2010-10-22 09:47 -

ocaml-data-notation: release 0.0.2

Sylvain Le Gall - 2010-09-01 16:27 -