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Blahcaml 2.0 released

Dario Teixeira - 2010-02-03 15:23 - Blahcaml

Blahcaml offers partial bindings to the C++ library Blahtex. To be precise, only the portions of Blahtex that convert between equations in TeX format into their MathML counterparts are supported. Furthermore, Blahcaml indulges the paranoid by adding an extra layer of security that ensures the result produced by Blahtex is safe for inclusion in web pages. This is done by validating the result against the official MathML2 DTD. Version 2.0 of Blahcaml brings slight changes to the API, a migration to the latest version of Blahtex, and a new module offering direct access to the MathML2 DTD.

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First stable (1.0) release of Blahcaml

Dario Teixeira - 2008-10-28 22:58 - Blahcaml

Blahcaml implements simple Ocaml wrappers for the Blahtex library. Blahtex is aimed at the conversion of TeX equations into MathML format.

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First beta release (0.5) of Blahcaml

Dario Teixeira - 2008-10-19 20:42 - Blahcaml

This is the first beta release (0.5) of the Blahcaml library, providing Ocaml bindings to Blahtex. Blahtex is a C++ library that converts TeX equations into MathML.

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