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Variant types and pattern matching in HLVM

Jon Harrop - 2010-04-28 09:37 - HLVM

The HLVM distribution now includes a third example compiler and provides variant types and pattern matching. The resulting compiler can run quite sophisticated programs:

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HLVM on the ray tracer language comparison

Jon Harrop - 2010-01-21 17:01 - HLVM

The first working serial version of our ray tracer written in HLVM already provides blistering performance and excellent memory consumption:

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High-performance parallelism with HLVM

Jon Harrop - 2010-01-03 18:30 - HLVM

The first-working version of parallelism in HLVM was very inefficient due to repeated fetching of thread-local data via pthreads. The latest update passes thread-local data to every function in an auxiliary argument and achieves production-level performance: 2× faster than OCaml on average over non-list benchmarks.

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Parallel programming in HLVM

Jon Harrop - 2009-11-30 09:08 - HLVM

HLVM now supports threads and allows them to run in parallel using a simple stop-the-world mark+sweep GC, making it possible to do parallel programming in HLVM for the first time!

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New HLVM GC and LLVM 2.6 support

Jon Harrop - 2009-10-28 23:32 - HLVM

HLVM has been updated to work with the new LLVM 2.6 release and with a new GC that stores mark state in the heap rather than in a hash table.

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New HLVM examples

Jon Harrop - 2009-06-22 10:45 - HLVM

We've added two new example compilers using HLVM: a calculator and a REPL for a tiny programming language with tuples.

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HLVM beta 0.4 release

Jon Harrop - 2009-05-01 10:19 - HLVM

A tarball of the latest source release with reliability and performance improvements is now available. See:

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Optimizations in HLVM

Jon Harrop - 2009-03-27 10:35 - HLVM

HLVM now includes a simple term rewriter designed to support local optimization passes as well as a loop unrolling optimization pass.

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Front-end for HLVM

Jon Harrop - 2009-03-27 10:34 - HLVM

Now that HLVM is maturing we have begun a sub-project to develop an example front-end. The current implementation is a simple calculator that evaluates expressions using JIT compilation.

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HLVM documentation

Jon Harrop - 2009-03-26 15:10 - HLVM

The docs.sh script in HLVM now generates HTML documentation for the entire VM in the /docs directory.

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Standalone compilation in HLVM

  2009-03-22 19:20

GC optimizations in HLVM

  2009-03-13 12:12

Fixed GC for HLVM

  2009-03-09 09:44

HLVM public subversion repository

  2009-03-08 10:09