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Posted by: Sylvain Le Gall
Date: 2011-10-20 22:50
Summary:OCamlCore.org future
Project:Site Admin

OCamlCore S.A.R.L has been proud to initiate, organize, and support various services for the OCaml community, with the help of the community and the CAML consortium. This includes:
- the OCaml forge (forge.ocamlcore.org) (400 users, 250 projects)
- the RSS agregator (planet.ocamlcore.org)
- 4 community meetings
- the creation of OASIS and OASIS-DB

All these help to improve the visibility of the OCaml Community. And it will continue that way.

OCamlCore S.A.R.L is proud that the above has been achieved not by the company alone, but also with the help of volunteers from the community.

For reasons unrelated to the above, OCamlCore S.A.R.L will be discontinued. It is now time for me (Sylvain Le Gall) to move to a new company and to take new challenges.

Concerning all services, the CAML Consortium has offered support and the individuals behind the various ocamlcore.org services (including Sylvain Le Gall) have decided to continue offering the services to the community.

On the long term, the real changes will be that the services will be named "*.ocaml.org" rather than "*.ocamlcore.org" (thanks to Xavier Leroy for making this possible). This will make the services more vendor-neutral.

Backward compatibility links will be preserved for 1 year starting from the domain name change. We will make an official announcement when we start the migration, so please be prepared to update your links.

More than ever, you can join the volunteers maintaining the OCaml[Core].org services. Contact me (gildor @AT@ ocamlcore.org).

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