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Posted by: Sylvain Le Gall
Date: 2015-06-11 11:37
Summary:Spam problem, lot of mails cannot be sent
Project:Site Admin

I recently got an alert that the forge server was sending a lot of spam. After inspection it turns out that there is a positive feedback loop in between sending mail requests to moderate spam on mailing list and ending up being considered as a spammer (i.e. you ask to moderate a message "Sell Ur Gold For Mo$$ney" every day and after a few day the forge is considered as a spammer).

I need to improve the mailing list configuraiton to avoid:
- receiving spam
- sending moderation requests for spam
- sending every day a moderation request

What I plan to do:
- improve postfix configuration to prevent simple spam
- moderate spam at postfix level (incoming and outgoing)
- implement some technical solution to improve the mail system (SPF...)
- (!!!) remove any useless mailing lists (-commits or anything that has almost 0 messages in the archive)
- (!!!) don't allow to send email directly from ssh.ocamlcore.org (the server where you login to push with git)
- (!!!) any mail in the moderation queue will be removed automatically when they are 30 days old

(!!!) will probably affect your project, ping me if you have a problem.

I hope this will allow me to serve email again but it will take some time to implement. For now, I cannot really allow to send email because the anti-spam protection of my hosting provider will keep firing up.

Consider the consequence of this problem:
- you won't receive email when you want to subscribe
- you won't receive mailing list mails (moderation request and so on)
- you may receive notification of delay
- at best you will receive something very delayed

Sylvain Le Gall
mail: sylvain+ocaml __AT__ le-gall.net

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