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Posted by: Sylvain Le Gall
Date: 2008-06-26 09:26
Summary:OCamlCore.org news and tips
Project:Site Admin

Some changes has been made to planet.ocamlcore.org. The possibility to subscribe using a form has been disabled, because spammers had found this useful too.

Asking to be part of the planet is still possible, but now you need to login into forge.ocamlcore.org and fill a bug report against project "Site Admin":

__Tip for projects hosted on forge.ocamlcore.org__

If your project is hosted on the forge, you can publish news about this. These news are aggregated in a "Forge" feed which in turn get published on planet.ocamlcore.org. Unfortunately, it doesn't retain the name of the initial project.

So if you wish to submit news for your project, you should consider adding the name of it somewhere in the title. For example, "Version 0.1" as a title is a bit problematic because when aggregated you don't know what it means. "Myproject version 0.1 released" is better.

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