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Posted by: Johannes Kanig
Date: 2010-04-13 17:31
Summary:Mlpost: new version 0.8

Mlpost 0.8 is finally out!

You can get it at http://mlpost.lri.fr/ or at the ocamlforge. Notable changes are a few new modules, such as Tree_adv which delivers more powerful placement of trees, using overlays, or Real_plot, a nice alternative to Plot for float-valued functions.

There also is a new system of contributions (contribs), and two contribs for the moment. The first, Mlpost_lablgtk, allows to easily include Mlpost figures into a GTK interface. The other one, Mlpost_dot, draws graphs using a placement as given by the dot(graphviz) tool.

The Cairo backend is considered stable now and delivers mostly identical results as the Metapost backend. It supports PS, PDF , PNG and SVG output.

A few minor bugs have been fixed, thanks to Julien Signoles, Stéphane Glondu and others.

Finally, there are 4 incompatible changes, hopefully they do only affect a few people.

See the CHANGES file for more details.

Have fun and do not hesitate to submit bug reports, either by mail to the developers, or via the bug tracking system on the forge.

If you want to follow the Mlpost development more closely, we are now using a public git repository at the INRIA forge:

git clone git://scm.gforge.inria.fr/mlpost/mlpost.git

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