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Posted by: Goswin Brederlow, von
Date: 2012-03-11 17:27
Summary:Releasing libaio-ocaml-1.0

Libaio-ocaml 1.0 has been released and uploaded to Debian.

The Aio module provides bindings for the libaio (Linux kernel AIO access library) C library. It can be used for fast asynchronous I/O.

Compared with the OCaml standard and Unix I/O functions this library:
* does not block
* does I/O in the background
* calls a continuation when the I/O has completed

It also contains Aio.Buffer providing page aligned blocks of memory needed for Aio and helper functions to get and set various datatypes from/to the buffer. e.g. to extract an int64 in little endian order at offset 16.
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Releasing libaio-ocaml-1.0

Goswin Brederlow, von - 2012-03-11 17:27 -

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