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Posted by: Edgar Friendly
Date: 2011-05-10 16:14
Summary:How newcomers can easily contribute to the OCaml Batteries
Project:Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Batteries is a community effort to build a base library for the OCaml
languages. It builds upon the current minimal standard library
provided with the compiler, and the ExtLib effort which extended it
with several useful functions and modules.

Again, Batteries is a community effort: it is developed by volunteers
that have gathered, starting from the 2008 OCaml Meeting, to solve
what they thought was one of the most pressing obstacle to the ease of
use of the OCaml language. This means everyone can participate in the
Batteries effort, and we're proud to say that we're doing our best to
help non-frequent contributors and simple users to have an impact on
the project.

There are lots of things you can do to help us on the Batteries
front. Our manpower is scarce and we are aware of a lot of places
where the state of Batteries is lacking. Most of them are simple
things, but fixing a lot of simple things is a lot of work; you can

- We need your help to improve documentation. Documentation should be
a major aspect of every software project, evermore for base
libraries. Documentation is admittedly one of the weak points of the
current state of Batteries. It has evolved a lot since its birth,
some module miss basic documentation, and some documentation of
older things that have changed is inconsistent. Don't hesitate to
report such issues. We would appreciate help to improve this: if you
see an problem (typo, documentation of some function missing,
inconsistency between two descriptions, etc.) in the documentaiton,
you can fix it directly, and provide a patch (the ocamldoc-generated
API documentation comes from the `.mli` files, which you can easily

We are also interested in code examples and use cases for specific
Batteries function. In an ideal world with infinite manpower, we
would like to have a simple useful example for each function, and
more consistent code snippets to highlight common patterns of uses
of a given module, feature or style. That's something that you can
certainly do, even if you're not familiar with the Batteries

- Some useful functions are still missing. If you begin using
Batteries but at some point realize that some function is missing
that you would really expect in a base library (think `List.filter`;
hopefully we got that one covered), please let us know.

We're also interested in suggestions to improve consistency across
modules : if module `Foo` has a `bar` function, but module `Foo2`
which is really similar doesn't, maybe we should add
`Foo2.bar`. Sometimes, a function name is not optimal, it should
rather be this other name that is common to those other modules, and
we may also try to fix it (but we must strive to preserve
backwards-compatibility, so we're limited in what we can change).

- We need your feedback. If you use Batteries but something doesn't
work for you or is missing, please let us know. If you *don't* use
Batteries because something doesn't work for you or is missing,
please let us know. We won't be angry at you because you don't use
it, and we will pay attention to (polite) harsh words.

To report any problem (bug, missing feature, inconsistency,
documentation problem...), you may use our issue tracker, which is
simple and easy to use.

For less precise feedback, more general discussion, if you want to
propose (and better, implement) more ambitious changes, or if you for
some reason don't want to use our issue tracker, please send us a mail
on the batteries-discuss mailing list, kindly provided by the
OCamlcore Forge.
batteries-discuss, lists.forge.ocamlcore.org

If you want to submit patches, please discuss them on our development
mailing list. We're very open to code submissions.
batteries-devel, lists.forge.ocamlcore.org

You will find the archives of both mailing-list on the Ocaml Forge:

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