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Posted by: Edgar Friendly
Date: 2011-07-07 07:10
Summary:Batteries 1.4.0 released
Project:Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Almost 250 commits to git since 1.3.0, we have a new batteries release. In addition to the usual slew of bug fixes, tests and documentation and performance improvements, we've added:

* a new core for both polymorphic and functorized Sets and Maps, giving better performance and a more consistent interface (i.e. many new functions for the functorized Sets/Maps). This also brings map merging to a new level, allowing complex merging operations to be performed easily on maps.
* Splay trees (Map and Set)
* Tuple2/3/4/5 modules for handling n-tuples in easier ways (obseleting the Pair module)
* Oasis support (doesn't generate our build system yet, just provides metadata and installation via odb)
* support for most new functions added to 3.12's stdlib (some names collided, full support coming in 2.0)
* Infix operators now available by opening Foo.Infix, as well as Foo.(expr) in 3.12
* Improved unification of numeric types with more operations shared by all.
* Additional printers installed by default in the toplevel
* LazyList matching support via camlp4

We're looking forward to v2.0 which will clean up some of the warts we've accumulated over the 1.x series by finally breaking backwards compatibility.

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