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Posted by: Alexis Bernadet
Date: 2014-12-13 23:00
Summary:OCaml EFL 1.12.0 released
Project:OCaml EFL

Major changes:
- Moved to version 1.12 of the EFL/Elementary
- Rewriting of the build toolchain (although ocamlbuild still do the compilation part)
- The package adapts to the EFL/Elementary version of the user: An archive for each version of the EFL is not necessary any more. For example, if version 1.11 is installed, the interfaces to 1.12 specific functions will not be built but the library obtained will still be usable.
- An experimental interraction with Lwt (available in an example)
- Compiling with OCaml 4.02 should not create any warning. More precisely, the mutability of strings is not used any more. However, it is still possible to use the old OCaml 3.12.

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