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Posted by: Xavier Clerc
Date: 2013-03-08 18:48
Summary:Barista: 2.0-beta

- update for Objective Caml 4.00.1
- update for Camlzip 1.05
- new 'graph' command, allowing to generate the graph of classes references
from a list of archives (supported file formats: Dot, GEXF, and GraphML)
- new 'Lookup' module allowing to search for Java elements (classes,
constructors, fields, and methods) from string queries
- new 'Manifest' module providing support for archive manifest files
- new 'ArchiveBuilder' module allowing to construct archives from classes,
and handling manifest, services, and copy from other archives
- the 'flow' command can now generate output to either GEXF, or GraphML, in
addition to Dot
- improved handling of classpaths
- improved performance for class encoding (about 50% speed-up)
- improved performance for stack state computations (about 30% speed-up)
- optimization of switches (turning lookup switches into table switches if it
saves some place)
- new peephole optimizations, in order to avoid simple conversions of
- API CHANGE: class types for 'traversal' objects enhanced with new methods
- API CHANGE: 'Traversal' module renamed to 'ClassTraversal'
- new 'traversal' class type allowing to fold over class elements
- new 'ArchiveTraversal' module allowing to traverse archives
- bug: incorrect handling of some 'package-info' class files
- bug #86: '-ocaml-prefix' doesn't really work
- bug #87: install shouldn't build anything
- bug #89: do not activate warnings by default
- bug #104: configure script should be executable
- bug #110: error in annotation encoding of string value
- bug #111: invalid stack frame when locals are changed in a protected block
- bug #116: invalid stack frame after "invokespecial" instruction

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