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Posted by: Xavier Clerc
Date: 2011-02-20 21:23
Summary:Kaputt 1.1

This post announces the 1.1 release of the Kaputt project, whose goal is to provide
a comprehensive testing framework for the Objective Caml language.

Home page: http://kaputt.x9c.fr

Main changes since 1.0:
- update for Objective Caml 3.12.0
- new build system (ocamlbuild-based)
- assertion builders for data containers
- generators for functions (both total and partial)
- enumerators for file contents (chars, bytes, lines, and marshalled values)
- additional shell commands, and possibility to configure shell syntax
- enhanced big array, and big num support
- fix for possible non-termination on unsatisfiable precondition
- implementation of reduction (to try to produce smaller counterexamples)
- bug #51: unportable use of 'which'
- bug #57: tests fail on 64-bit platform

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