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Posted by: Adrien Nader
Date: 2012-08-09 22:01
Summary:yypkg 1.5 released
Project:Yellow Yeti Package Manager

Yypkg is a small, fast, platform-agnostic package manager. It can be
used to manage any directory. It is built to help cross-compilation
setups and it works both for and on Windows.

Functionality changes:
- doesn't rely on sexplib's camlp4 extension anymore (*)
- handles running shell scripts when installing a package (yypkg)
- skips packaging libtool's .la files (makeypkg)
- doesn't try to adapt hard-coded paths in .pc files to the location
they are installed to: there are too many hard-coded paths anyway
- improve the GUI (still work to do)

- bad code with select() when reading bsdtar's output (yypkg -install)
- don't mix bsdtar warnings with filenames during package installation
(yypkg -install)
- properly extract files in directories which are not ".".

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