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Posted by: Romain Bardou
Date: 2009-11-23 21:57
Summary:Fury Puyo 0.4
Project:Fury Puyo

Fury Puyo 0.4 has been released. The main new features of this version are: multiplayer games, replays, sandbox mode, and some new sprites.

The online mode features an account-based highscore list (so you can view your friends' high scores in single player mode), and multiplayer games. The server can handle several games at the same time. A game can have several players at the same time. You may team up and give a handicap to stronger players.

Replays are automatically saved in the ~/.furypuyo directory. View them by launching furypuyo with the "-replay <filename>" option.

The sandbox mode is a single player mode where no garbage is sent to you, and you have all the time you want to think before placing a piece (you make the piece drop yourself with the down arrow or the spacebar).

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