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Posted by: Dario Teixeira
Date: 2009-04-14 21:38
Summary:Litiom 1.0 released

The Ocsigen project already includes Eliom, a web programming framework for the Ocaml language. Eliom provides a solid and extensive foundation for building highly dynamic sites. Litiom aims to complement Eliom, offering higher-level modules codifying a number of common patterns found in web sites. (The name of the project comes from the fact that Lithium follows Helium in the periodic table of elements).

Presently, Litiom includes two modules: Litiom_blocks and Litiom_wizard. The former is based on the realisation that many web sites are composed of fairly independent boxes arranged in a hierarchy. With Litiom_blocks, the user provides the contents for each box, together with its relation to other boxes in the web site hierarchy tree. The module automatically takes care of spawning Lwt threads in such a way that independent branches of the tree are executed in parallel. As for the latter, it aims to simplify the construction of sites relying on wizard-like interactions. It is based on the fact that most wizards follow a fairly repetitive pattern.

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