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Posted by: Xavier Clerc
Date: 2011-01-09 19:24
Summary:Mascot: 1.0-alpha

Mascot is a style-checker for Objective Caml sources.

- customization of activated checks (and exceptions) by configuration files
- code checks: overloading of builtin elements, useless constructs, deeply
nested constructs, 'open' statements, magic numbers, complex conditions
- documentation checks: presence of comments, and spellcheck
- interface checks: empty interface, and number of exported elements
- metrics checks: coupling, Halstead, and McCabe
- miscellaneous checks: matching of regular expressions
- typographic checks: spaces, tabulations, headers, and file/line lengths
- support for CheckStyle, CSV, HTML, JDepend, bare text, and XML outputs
- support for plugins (custom checks and outputs)

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