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Posted by: Sylvain Le Gall
Date: 2010-02-15 11:35
Summary:OCaml Meeting 2010 second call
Project:OCaml Meeting (deprecated)

For the third time, I am proud to invite all OCaml enthusiasts to join us at OCaml Meeting 2010 in Paris.

This year event takes place in Paris on Friday 16th April 2010. Subscription is opened and will be closed on Friday 2nd April 2010.

Presentations include:

* Enforcing Type-Safe Linking using Inter-Package Relationships for OCaml Debian packages
* The Ocamlviz visualization toolkit
* Cluster computing in Ocaml
* Ocaml in a web startup
* React, functional reactive programming for OCaml
* OASIS, a Cabal like system for OCaml
* OPA, same web, but with types and lambda

As last year, participants are invited to give a talk on what they are doing with OCaml. You can submit a description of your talk on the wiki or contact me.

The meeting is sponsored by INRIA, the Caml Consortium and OCamlCore. Inscription is free but the number of participants is limited.

Further information and inscriptions:

The day after OCaml Meeting, Mehdi Dogguy from PPS helps me to organize an informal day where OCaml teams can meet to work. We will have 2 classrooms, each can host 45 persons. There will be an internet access and a blackboard in each room. Inscription is free.

Further information and inscriptions:

Volunteers willing to help before/during these events can contact me directly. We are particularly looking for a video team. You can also forward this invitation to any groups that can be interested in (Haskell user group, CUFP mailing list...)

For people who need further information, you can contact me (see wiki.cocan.org for contact details).

Hope to see a lot of you Regards Sylvain Le Gall on behalf of the OCaml Meeting organization team.

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